YouTube Stars Earn More Than $ 1 Million a Year

At the time it was acquired by Google in the distant year of 2006, YouTube was considered by his critics a drain money that would never be able to make profit. This theory was repeated several times because of the varied and numerous proceedings for copyright infringement that the video site has faced since it went under the web giant wings. But today the situation seems to be appreciably different.
Bought for $ 1.65 billion, the site generated robust $ 640 million (more than US $ 1 billion) profit in 2010 and is expected to he other income US $ 900 million (around R $ 1.5 billion ) this year. Much of this revenue is being generated by – amazingly enough – three billion ads that YouTube has been showing their sailors a week, 50% increase over the numbers in the month of May.

Such performance has been reflected in the pocket of some site partners. According to the American newspaper New York Post, the “stars” YouTube have received “more than $ 1 million” a year because of the traffic on your videos, while “hundreds” of users fatten their annual salaries at $ 40 thousand – equivalent to the US average salary – as commission for ads.

One of the new ricaças YouTube is Emily Kim, who three years ago started posting videos of Korean cuisine recipes on the site of videos and now has come to quit her job to dedicate his new occupation. “I had to choose, so I chose YouTube,” he says.

“Our partners have evolved a lot in the last three years,” day Shenaz Zack, YouTube Product Director. “You can make money on our site, but this requires dedication as a full-time job,” he adds.