Youtube App Gets Livestream Feature

What is already cold coffee for Facebook is now synonymous within the YouTube app follow: Livestreams have been a couple of years on YouTube Gang and Gäbe, but the Android App was gone with this function so far empty. That should change now. Soon you should be able to record and send your videos live directly from the smartphone. So you can make your visit to the zoo live online and comment on it at the same time.

On his own blog, YouTube proudly states that you have already made millions of videos via Livestream and has already started “before it was cool”. No wonder, since you have been there since 2011. Nevertheless, one could not resist this small point against Facebook, Zuckerberg and co. Have so much so bragged to have brought something incredibly innovative and modern to the start. Facebook has recently been able to put Livestreams in its own timeline directly from the smartphone. And you can get more from

Basically YouTube is not even so wrong. In fact, the Livestream for private videos has been a nice development for quite some time. On the other hand, the smartphone users always went empty.Until now. Soon you can start your own livestreams within the YouTube app. Just take the video via button, look for a suitable thumbnail and set your own stream on YouTube. Once this happens, you can also find your livestreams in the search and add them to playlists.

YouTube is still covered on a possible start date and does not announce an exact date. But it will not take much longer.