You Can Eliminate the YouTube Ad with a Monthly Subscription

Creators YouTube started today receive an email containing changes to the terms of service for site partners. Although the e – mail of this type is not uncommon (YouTube constantly changes the terms to integrate new features and ways to make money), your content is. For the first time YouTube has officially announced it plans to launch a fixed monthly subscription option for users who do not want to watch advertisements on YouTube.

The email says that YouTube plans to “offer fans a free version of YouTube ads for a monthly fee. By creating a new subscription service, we generate a new source of revenue that will complement its growing advertising revenue. “This option was already circulating for months as rumor and only now been confirmed. The message does not say, however, that the monthly subscription that will be offered.

The message takes this link that contains the changes in terms and can only be viewed by anyone with a YouTube partner account. The new terms also set to work sharing the profits from subscriptions:

“Subscription revenues. YouTube will only pay you 55% of total net revenues recognized by YouTube due to rates of signatures that are attributed to monthly views or hours of views of your content as a percentage of hours of views or monthly views of all participants content or a subset of those in the relevant subscription offer (as stipulated by YouTube). If your content is included in multiple offers signature and is viewed by a user, YouTube will pay you based on the subscription offering that has the highest value of net revenues recognized by YouTube, as calculated by YouTube.”

Still under the YouTube warns that it needs to be accepted until the 15th of June, which indicates that this will be the date on which the service will offer this option. Who does not accept the terms can no longer monetize your videos, even if you only want to continue with advertising.

Currently YouTube remains in the air mainly with selling ads. Although the site offers subscription options of pay channels and sell and rent movies, among others, is advertising more fills the coffers of Google. The estimate of last year eMarketer specialized company was that the entire YouTube would generate $ 1.13 billion in profits just with this business model.

With the new option, YouTube shows that is open to test the business model that already works in streaming music services, and others. But how it will be accepted at a time when AdBlock already has a large adoption, there’s no telling.

The signature value is what will ultimately determine the success or failure of this new option. And we will not know what the value is when we get closer to June 15.