Xiaomi Arch Display Smartphone

The first rumor on a smartphone with display curved sides of Xiaomi started circulating last year. At that time there was talk of Xiaomi Arch, just as a possible concept and nothing more, discrediting any possibility that the Chinese House could produce a smartphone with a similar solution, already introduced by Samsung first on Galaxy Edge and more recently with Galaxy S6 Edge.

From the pictures surfaced on the net you can deduce anything, even if it is unofficial shots.

This comparison shows how Xiaomi is not so much back in the development of a display with slightly curved edges, isn’t able to make the edges as over Edge but is already a decent step forward.

Returning then to Xiaomi Arch, over the past few hours have emerged that may be two photos leaked of this Terminal, with curved display on both sides.

The photos were posted on Weibo and style seems to pick up more from the latest generation, with frames from Mi3 flagship very pronounced upper and lower and a display that does not seem to exceed 5 inches diagonal. Clearly, it could be a temporary body to hide the final design of the device and showing only the front display.

Information and pictures to be taken even with due care, but leaving nonetheless catch glimpses of interesting news, in addition to those that lie ahead with the presentation of the next Xiaomi Mi5.