WordPress Abandon Internet Explorer 6

The team responsible for developing the popular WordPress .com announced that (finally) the platform will cease to be kind to those who still insist on using the Dean Internet Explorer 6 on your browsed the Internet. Citing “increasing complexity of the required patches” to make WordPress run decently in the old browser Microsoft, the company announced the end of support for the program.

To those who only access the blogs running on WordPress will not feel any difference. But those who feed blogging service from the browser will continue to have access to some basic functions, along with a warning that asks to update their browsers.

In addition the team also announced a series of updates to version 3.2, which should be available for download until the end of the month of June, highlighting a change in the visual and text editing tool with an option that avoids distractions while if escrev …. look, a light flashing. What beautiful.