Without Colcci In This Edition, Sao Paulo Fashion Week Announces The Line-Up Of Parades

Fashionistas on duty, prepare the heart! Between April 25 and 29, the São Paulo Fashion Week presents the trends of the time at the Biennale, in Ibirapuera Park. With the theme of Hands of gold, the SPFW will celebrate the human capacity to rethink, to put his hand in the cookie jar, to reinvent itself and start over.

In this issue, the stars of fashion houses as the Brand-new, À La Garçonne., Amir Slama, Cotton Project, Murilo Lomas and Vix. However, an absence was felt in the line-up: without Gisele Bündchen to star, the Colcci leaves the event this season. The decision justifies the AMC, the conglomerate which brand of Santa Catarina is part, has to do with strategic decisions.

— The group supports and approves the new schedule of fashion shows presented by the SPFW, within the new reality of the market, with the changes that have been taking place in the world — explains the company in a statement.

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The brand still argued that your absence has to do with the changes announced by SPFW, which is adapted to the calendar collections arrive in stores at the same time or shortly after the parades. From this season, nomenclaruras based on the seasons, like summer and winter, cease to be employed.

Spy The Full Line-Up:

Sunday (24/04)

-Raif Haten-7:30 pm

Monday (25/04)

-Lilly Sarti-5:00 pm

-Raquel Davidowicz-A 6:00 pm

– Amabilis (selected in Top 5 Project)-7:00 pm

-Apartment 03 – 8:00 pm

-Ronaldo Fraga-9:00 pm

Tuesday (26/04)

– Paula Lane-10:00



-Lolitta-3:00 pm

-Adriana Degreas-4:00 pm

-A. Brand-5:00 pm

-Patricia Viera-6:00 pm

-Juliana Jabour-7:00 pm

-PatBo-8:00 pm

-Karl Lagerfeld is Riachuelo-9:00 pm

Wednesday (27/04)

-Vitorino Campos-10:00

-Reinaldo Lourenço – 12:00

-Isabela Capeto-3:00 pm

-Iódice-4:00 pm

-Lenny Niemeyer-5:00 pm

-The Bobbed-6:00 pm

-Samuel Cirnansck-7:00 pm

-Triya-8:00 pm

-Ellus 2nd Floor-9:00 pm

Thursday (28/04)

-Gloria Coelho-12:00

-Água de Coco by Liana Thomaz-3:30 pm

– John Pepper-5:00 pm

-Salinas-6:00 pm

-Murilo Lomas-7:00 pm

-Amir Slama-8:00 pm

-Helo Rocha-9:00 pm

Friday (29/04)

-Lino Villaventura-11:00

-Esther Bauman-Acquastudio-12:00

-Wagner Kallieno-3:00 pm

-GIG Couture-4:30 pm

-Ratier-5:30 pm

-Cotton Project-6:30 pm

-Ellus-8:00 pm