Wikipedia Will First Office in Brazil

The Portuguese Wikipedia will be better and more active if the plans of the Wikimedia Foundation work out in the country. The newly hired consultant foundation in Brazil, Oona Castro, should work together with the free encyclopedia employees of community and structure the next six months the new office in Brazil, in a place not yet defined – probably in Sao Paulo or Rio de January.

According to Folha, the current consultant has worked on similar projects. For four years he was executive director of Overmundo, a responsible institute for promoting access to knowledge and cultural diversity in Brazil. To pass the selection process of the encyclopedia, one of the questions was “Why Wikipedia editing community in Portuguese does not grow in Brazil and what the priority areas that we should focus on to generate growth”? I could not answer.

The office will probably be opened in Sao Paulo, but Rio de Janeiro is also planned, especially considering the next major events that will happen in the Marvelous City, the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. The initial plan, however, it is to keep the office for only two years and with a small team of four or five people.

As director of the Wikimedia Foundation in Brazil, Oona Castro should strengthen the community, which does not come on those things. In March 2011, Wikipedia had 90,000 employees, but the number was decreasing every month, which is even understandable, since there is not much room for expansion in the number of articles. The dictionary Wiktionary and Wikimedia Commons media repository should also be benefited with the new office.