Why The Pants Jogger Is A New (And Versatile) Classic | Sets In Real

Today we will talk of a somewhat controversial peg in the closet, new to some, desire or other conflict so many passionate Eric Dane OK 25 now in fashion: the jogger pants – or jogging. Also known as track pant, this model has as its essence the fist on the bar and the mooring at the waist, which confirms your sports source.

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What attracts us in jogging is exactly the reason of most doubts about this contemporary classic, after all, although the layout stripped, you can wear it with almost everything, resulting in something that fascinates us, the contrast between styles and references. Yes. Jogging makes beautiful work the ballad, everything will depend on how you combine it.

The jogging has its origin in the eternal capital of fashion, Paris. It was there, in 1939, that Émile Camuset, founder of one of the most recognised sports brands in the world, though less massive than their competitors, the Le Coq, invented the shelter, also called “Sunday uniform.” And there was the track pants as a partner of the jacket with front buttoning.

For many decades, the track pant was confined to the borders of blocks and race tracks, until, in 1980, became a uniform of another tribe, the stage, adopted as an essential part of the hip hop groups, mainly Run DMC. Were they the first to print another value to jogging.

After that first flirtation of jogging with street, the model has been popping up here and there as a trend short, including, in 2007, Kanye West would launch the jogging, coveted by fashionistas as far as the eye can see. But it was the ‘ 2010 that jogging returned to the scene as a style item, mainly thanks to the rescue as an afterthought of urban sports. The sport-chic reinforced a value that she never had until then. It wasn’t long before the great brands sign their versions, which follow with more emphasis to each collection, as this winter, in which are stars.

But more than a trend, we really believe that a jogging is one of the closet essential, regardless of the season. Yes. A black model, in a thicker tissue, like an egg roll, you can dress up all sorts of silhouettes, including wider hips, women who need extra attention at the time of choice, opting for pieces with more fluffy trim. Besides, all look good with jogging.

Another advantage? She is extremely versatile. Look beautiful with sneakers, sandals high heels, pumps, sneakers, moccasins. Can be used with blazer and shirt, with elongated, with parka vest with biker jacket with Hoodie jacket, with tricôs, with t-shirts, with cropped. The rule for dressing well always? Bet on opposites. The Jogging look beautiful when combined with sophisticated pieces. Oh! Including, is perfect in materials and fine fabrics, leaving aside the sweatshirt to take the glamour of sequins, the luxury of silk, the elegance of cold wool. Without doubt, a model that’s easier to mix one of grey, but everybody digs all. And you?!