What You Should Know about Skateboards

We often have questions when choosing our skateboards and, finally, are led by drawing or the color of the table, items that do not have a real function in use. For this reason and taking into account that there is a huge variety of products in the market, I will try to organize the basic ideas that we need to take into account when choosing our skateboard a bit.


Big and soft wheels are to go faster and with better grip, used in long boards, cruisings and skates modified for transport. Small and hard wheels are used to do tricks and in the skatepark, always accompanied by Skateboards with good form to throw tricks. All wheels are two values, the size expressed in millimeters (mm), 50 to 80 normally, and the hardness expressed in atmospheres of pressure (A), 60 to 100 normally.


Short shafts provide a plus of management and make the table much more nervous. On the other hand, long shafts increase stability by reducing the turning radius. The normal position of the axes is with the adjustment nut to the inside of the table. However, on some models, we can find “reverse axes” to increase the turn without losing stability. All shafts are adjustable to adjust hardness, if they are too tight are more stable and turn very nervous when we let them loose.

Table Material

It is very important to know our table making material, since there are a number of options with very different results. The quality and characteristics of the table directly affect their behavior, in this way, if we want a flexible table seeking materials with great flexibility, or if we need better a very tough table we will seek a wood rigid and strong.

Table Size

There are plenty of ways in the market, and many times is a mess to identify what it is every skateboard; but the most important thing to keep in mind is the size of the table, the actual area where you can rest your feet. If the size is reduced the thing is complicated, are very playful and fun but there is no margin for error, as we always have a large table is easier to hold the balance.


This is the most important point and the first question you have to ask yourself before seeking your new skateboard: for what shall I use? If you are looking for comfortable, quick movements and you control well, yours is rather small with large wheels. If you don’t control much, a large table will help you to make everything easier. If you are looking for is strolling along the beach and surfing at sea, you need a long with large wheels to enjoy as never before; or if you are looking for is a table to go to the park or to the skatepark with friends and do tricks, you need a tough skate wheeled small and hard.

With all this information now you have it a little easier when choosing your new skateboard. One of the aspects that you have to keep in mind is the size and hardness of the wheels, the small and hard wheels hinder much displacement by sidewalks and asphalt rough, apart from being much more noisy. Big wheels are perfect for travel, but are unsuitable for use in skatepark, are too big and soft so much hinder the execution of tricks.

And, finally, you have to take into account that all wheels can be put on any axis, axis can be changed and tables also, so that the possibilities are endless if you let your imagination in Cheeroutdoor.com.