What Shoes to Wear With Jeans?

You have found your jeans, and you love it? Must choose the height shoes to highlight her look without going overboard. Heels or flat, grunge or female, Biba book you all his tricks to make your jeans a piece also fashion trend… and made-to-measure!

What Shoes to Wear With Jeans

Heels with jeans

As prevent you, denim love heels… and the options are legion! Pin-up version, bet on stilettos with jeans, inescapable and sexy marriage. Unless you prefer feminine men’s contrast, in which case the same shoes dress the boyfriend: most jeans is “vintage” and masculine, more shoes must be women, a role tailor-made for the pump. The other thing?Contrast a good pair of jeans with vintage shoes with daring heels, from Neon to the varnish, the leopard to the retro flower print.

Plan B? Place the rock silhouette with the ankle boots! Under jeans bootcut or Bell Bottoms, you’ll get a seventies effect, favorite of trends. Slide the same boot under a law, gross or faded jeans, you 1990… as for the look of the more timeless style, he married skinny or slim to boot, for a rock look that never gets old!

Offset with my jeans shoes

Or flat, or heels, wedge shoes are the best allies of the active woman: feminine and practical, they bend to all styles of jeans. With wide jeans rolled on the ankle, a slim or a skinny, the offset are faultless.

Better, broad cuts love it! Of the bootcut at the flare through the legs of an elephant, wedge shoes provide a retro look, but not as long. And it’s a model that never tired person with jeans, it is running shoes!

Flat shoes with jeans

The champion of the jeans flat is called ballerina and don’t has not aged a bit. Retro way Bardot, relaxed at the Birkin, the Ballerina slice the raw canvas of its delicate silhouette.In other words, a feminine look without overdoing, perfect with a slim or a John finishing lower. Avoid it, however, with the wide, when cuts alone exceeds the tip of the ballerina… better is worth to choose, in this case, boots or tennis.

You don’t like ballerinas? We assure you, the guide of the jeans like the dish, whatever it is. With a preference for sandals, all sandals in the summer, or derbies and Richelieu in any season! Moccasins, for their part, bring a rock touch, so they are staggered.

Sport shoes with jeans

The basketball is trend, walk comfortably in jeans and sneakers, a real dictation mode. So much the better! Declined in an endless choice of colors and materials, the sneakers and sneakers marry perfectly all styles, with a denim jacket or even a dress Jean. Book, on the other hand, models amounts to skinny jeans or jeans roulottés on the ankle. More jeans is masculine, more ankle exposed by low sneakers can feminize him.

Another option? Play with the slip-we, these sneakers without laces to put on. Choose them in leather for a chic sport look, United for simplicity or printed for their trendy… mind or platform for 90 style!