Wedding Rings: Symbolism and Tradition of the Wedding Accessories

The Wedding Band As A Symbol Of Your Connection

All with a ring started. A picture that especially women’s hearts beat faster: He, kneeling, something excited, but in full awareness of the joyful significance of this moment. You trembling with joyful anticipation to finally hear the words out of his mouth, on which she has waited so long. Sure, that sounds cheesy, a little Hollywood cliche. But if there is an event, that have many people like in memory, how one imagines it as a romantic person, there are engagement and wedding. On two occasions, an important accessory should not be missed: the ring. While above all, the taste of the future bride to be taken at the engagement ring, wedding rings bride and groom need to decorate and even for centuries. Often, married women also complain that the Göttergatte too rarely wears the wedding ring. To control the forward, so should this most important accessory of a marriage both fell. A little background to origin and symbolism doesn’t hurt also.

Tradition And Symbolism Of The Eherings

The ring is reflected as a carrier of deep symbolism in many tales of the ring of the Nibelung to LOTR. He stands has always been for the infinity. The circular form without beginning and end symbolizes the Unauflösbarkeit of a connection. In the course of human history meanings alternated, which attributed to the ring in marriage. So he passed to the Romans from iron and was reserved for only the wife.Iron represents the resistance, but also the thrift a good House, and wife while the husband enjoyed slightly more “freedom” in his life.
Most world religions provide the gift or exchange of rings during the wedding. The Hindu bride receives a necklace, in Buddhism there is no well-defined ceremony.
In the course of the early and late Middle Ages, the wedding ring established himself as a sign of loyalty and connectedness for bride and groom, and as an integral part of the wedding. Materials and manufacturing were expensive and valuable, to emphasize the importance of wedding and marriage. In the recent past, an Anglo-Saxon is always common practice in (continental) Europe: in England and the United States is the engagement ring of the bride to the wedding ring. In the form, there is a clear favorite in recent years: it is the simple small solitaire diamond ring.

The Ring Is Right For Me? -The Material

For the wedding ring is a decision for life. What kind of material pleasure in so many years after the wedding? Choose between gold, Platinum or silver as the most popular materials. In relation to the durability of Platinum has the edge quite clearly. Due to its characteristics, this metal allows the highest quality alloy. Which means that the ring to 95% consists of Platinum is a 950 alloy. In contrast, is a soft metal, gold why would produce an alloy in this purity to wedding rings, which can be scratched easily. However Platinum acts on some brides and grooms something too cool to be closed as a romantic symbol of marriage and wedding in the heart. The love of money, of course, is another factor. Platinum, one of the rarest precious metals, lies in the price over the classic gold.

We are at the front runner among selected materials for the wedding ring: for the gold. This precious metal offers the widest range of alloys and colour nuances. Alloys with a high gold content offer the advantage of being very resistant to stains, but are more prone to scratches. Common alloys for wedding rings are 585, 750 or 950. The wedding ring also receives the color due to the alloy. Is gold alloyed with copper and silver to equal parts, you get the classic yellow gold. Is the copper content increased, the wedding ring in pink gold shines.White Gold contains colour metals such as Paladium, nickel or silver. Silver has the advantage to contribute the most to the glory of the ring as highly reflective metal here. The alloy consists almost entirely of gold and silver called the so-called green gold. Wedding rings of all materials in the online shop.

In addition to the gold content of Eherings, weight plays a role. It is specified in carat. Usually corresponds to an amount of gold share of a common Carat claim. So are usually 14 k 585er wedding rings, 18-carat gold, etc. contain 750 rings is about the quality but also the production plays a role. A 585er wedding band by the Goldsmith may be more resistant to scratches, as an industrially manufactured ring with the same gold content.

Wedding rings made of silver have the price advantage. Also the drawback is quickly called: as rather soft material silver gets fast quirks and scratches.

Brides and grooms looking for low-cost wedding will find it in stainless steel and titanium. As hardly to beat hard metals on robustness, wedding rings made from these materials in many facets are also combined with gold or precious stones available. The wedding ring by engraving and the ring of the bride is supplemented, by a diamond.

Materials, colours and cuts are a matter of taste. A recommendation was set but the bride and groom to the heart: A consultation appointment several weeks before the wedding with a wedding ring specialists in your area gives you room for individuality. Finally rings to pleasure the wedding day, as well as many years later.

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