Wallpaper for Children’s Room: How to Install

When the baby is on the way to concern for the baby’s room is a constant from day to day. They want to provide the newest member of the family comfort and a lightweight environment for the child to feel the more peaceful and beautiful as possible. For this to occur do some reforms, such as painting, for example, is a good thing. Another way that is easy in addition to being cheap and practical is to put the wallpaper, see how to install in the baby’s room.


Before pasting the wallpaper thoroughly clean the wall taking any dust or anything that can appear after the pasted paper. Holes in the wall should be properly covered and mirrors removed outlets, as well as frames and any other wall ornament.

To start take the glue and pour into a bucket of water, more or less half of water in the bucket. As for dumping the glue will stirring constantly to blend, when you realize that the glue begins to drip and drain not to lift the mixer the glue will be ready to use. The glue must be pretty consistent.

Now place the paper on the wall before passing the glue and make the measurements of height and width by marking with a pencil up to where the paper comes, so will have a basis to go if driving during the collage. Made the first viewing, place the paper on the floor or on a table and pass the glue using the brush. Cover the entire side of the wall sticker that will be pasted on the wall.

To paste, always start from the top down and from side to side inside. Place the point of the paper in view of the lining so that about five centimeters, that will be cut or placed into the liner and footer view. To the extent that it is cheating, is passing the cloth to remove all excess glue and removing the bubbles, leading out of the paper.

Try gluing a piece of paper and go already passing the cloth, why do you paste all and then for removing the excess will be virtually impossible to do. After pasted all paper and took all the glue bubbles leaving the plain paper, now use the spatula to push the scraps of paper, to within sight of the lining and the footer. When it is necessary to make amendment, do the measures before. Start hanging from the seam from top to bottom and inside seam.

When you reach the end of the wall or in a corner, put the ruler so that it is flush with the corner, then holding steady with one hand and with the other going to cutting with the stylus right close to the ruler taking care not to cut crooked. To have a better result in cutting press the ruler against the other wall.

Tips and warnings

Do the job with the help of another person.