Verdissima Swimwear Buy Online

The collection of swimwear Verdissima for the ‘Summer 2014 is one of the most chic to date views, a line where you will find all the most popular forms we fashionistas declined in versions for all tastes and for all needs. Verdissima is inspired by different themes, adding to costumes with a strong ethnic mood with chic applications, models with colorful prints in perfect line with the dictates of the coolest.

The collection of swimwear Verdissima offers us a wide variety of costumes with matching dresses, sarongs and chic accessories to make as glamorous outfits while on vacation. Like proposals such as those of the collection of swimwear Calzedonia for Summer 2014, also Verdissima winks at one very intriguing ethno-chic style, however, preferring juveniles and very seductive.

The online catalog Verdissima costumes in the pictures in our photo gallery and on the official website of the brand is rich in bikinis in various forms. Thebandeau bikini is offered with matching briefs wide band, narrow or with adjustable straps, while those who prefer to focus on the classic Verdissima offers timeless Triangle Bikini.

You will see them in the uni united versions in colors such as emerald green, red, turquoise, orange and pink, as well as in evergreen colors such as black and different shades of brown.

To uni models joined the label alternates two-piece costumes with more details fantasies: to those who love a romantic style Verdissima offers bikini with floral pattern with small flowers, such as those that characterize the Golden Point costumes 2014 summer collection.

Striped bikini with effect color block multicolor alternate with creations from ethnic mood with applications across the entire surface or pendant elements are always in contrasting colors. In his summer collection Verdissima not forget theswimsuits, especially the most chic embroidered lace effect without upper braces.

Rounding out the collection here is pants with elastic at the base from sporty chic mood, sarongs in the same color range of bikinis, dresses in muted or pastel tones in long or short versions, but also flops and jewel sandals beach, necklaces and bijoux that reflect the themes of morals prints.

Browse the catalog Verdissima costumes in our pictures, what is the bikini that suits you from the summer collection 2014?