Using LED Bulbs in Kitchens

In the home, one of those places where is more common find lighting through tubes is in our kitchen. Normally, in the middle of it, is a luminaire that allows us to install 2-tube lighting, which often include obsolete fluorescent tubes.

The most common is that these tubes are measure 120 cm (although this will vary according to the size of the kitchen), by which, in the case of fluorescent tubes would be talking about models of 36W (36W x 2 units = 72W). To these 72W, you must add the consumption that generate both the Primer and the ballast, which is 20% of the consumption of the tubes. In this case, 72W + 20% = 86W according to

If we ever decided to install LED tubes instead of fluorescent tubes, we would choose a 15W/20W LED tubeto obtain the same brightness. We will take an average value, and therefore 17, 5W x 2 units = 35W. In tubes, LED directly to 230VAC, will not be generated any extra consumption, so these 35W will be total consumption of our luminaire.

Thus, the end result would be fluorescent 86W less 35W LED = 51W less than consumption by using LED tubes… surprising, right? and even taking into account that at any moment we would lose light amount to replace fluorescent tubes by LED.

Do you spend to LED?