Understand Restricting Access to Videos of the World Cup in Globo Esporte

It’s June. It is time for the World Cup. In the next week the canary selecting the field to defend the green and yellow, but many people will not be able to watch the games because they take place during business hours. Fortunately, some Brazilian sites will extensive coverage of the World Cup, including photos and video of what happens in South Africa.

The World Cup is a multimillion dollar business. Worldwide, media companies buy the rights to exploit the event only in its territory. With the Internet, however, the question arises on how to restrict the access of internet users who are not in the territory national. Thankfully, this 2010 Cup, things are clearer.

I talked to Marcello Azambuja, responsible for videos ofGlobo.com portal Globo Organizations that houses the GloboEsporte.com, country’s largest sporting site. According to Azambuja, the restriction imposed by FIFA applies only to territories: “We can only allow users to access national territory.”

With this, only people accessing the GloboEsporte.com from Brazil can watch videos with the goals of the moment and the main matches of bids, in addition to live broadcasts from Africa.

To perform the access control from other countries, Globo.com hired a company specialized in this type of restriction. As every Internet user has an IP, the IP is checked in the company’s database, to check whether it is a genuine Brazilian access. “In addition, we validate the IP from a list of known proxies”.

Using this technology, the magic is done. And only people in the country can see the videos of the World Cup, according to FIFA determines.