Twitter Will Show Real-time Notifications on the Web Interface

That interface “type Facebook” recently shown is not the only news that Twitter is allowing for its users in the coming days: on Friday (11), the company also promised to release notifications (almost) real – time in the version web. This is another one of the many efforts that the service has undertaken to continue to occupy a prominent place among the social networks.

Not that notifications do not already exist in the web interface, but currently they are very discreet and limited. When a new private message, for example, only a number on the DM icon appears in the top horizontal bar. If the user is focused on the tweets, it may take some time to realize that there are messages there waiting to be read.

With the new system, the notifications will appear as a window on the bottom right that overlaps the timeline. Thus, the user will not only see the updates in near real time and also see right there your content. You can even reply to the message within the window.

The new notifications will apply to direct messages, new followers warnings, retweets, mentions and tweets “favoritados”. For those who think will be crazy in the middle of so many new alerts, Twitter tried to clarify from the outset that you can turn off all or some categories of notifications in your account settings.

Just like the new interface, the reporting system will be implemented in a gradual way and it will take a few weeks to cover all the bills. It is worth mentioning: the novelty is just for the Twitter web interface; the official application, nothing changes.