Twitter Releases New Tool to Add Tweets to Web Pages

In addition to adopting new trends for spring-summer collection next year, the Twitter has added a new prop to their garments. Especially for you, web journalist, blogger or webmaster, the microblogging service allows you to tweets in the style embed within the pages maintained by yourself.

Stays like this:



This way is easier to put tweets within their pages. No more do screenshot, then cut in some simple image editing application (or not – I use Photoshop even for that) and go up to your content management system (hopefully, the WordPress or something even better).

You can still reply, favorite or retweet the message from you to accept that a pop-up style window opens in your browser.

To embed a tweet is quite simple and practical. Click the tweet in question, right from your content stream in the new interface of Twitter, and then select “Details“. The browser will load the tweet page only, where you should click on “Embed this Tweet.”

The tool embed will be played with some formatting options, with text on the left, right or center. From there also it gives to generate the permalink tweet, which can be used whenever you want to recommend anyone see this publication specifically.

For internet, the coolest to use the tool embed is sure that the search engines will index that text and take into account when analyzing the relevance of the page. Although with images becomes too cool, Google and the like have not yet learned to read the message content – only its alternative text and legend.