Twitter Hits Record Tweets Per Second During the Super Bowl

The most – watched sporting event of all time. With nearly 163 million people connected in the Super Bowl – the finale of American football – it is not surprising that the internet has also hit record ratings. So many people wanting to comment the game resulted in the highest number of tweets per second ever recorded by Twitter.

According to information provided by the service microblog were successive records during the great night of the sport in the United States. The hashtag #superbowl was used thousands of times per second. A high point was during the start of the interval between the Packers and the Steelers when the singer Usher took the stage.

But the record so did the end of the match. According to Twitter, by six times, users who have written something with #superbowl. Moments before the match is over, the final record: 4,064 tweets per second.

These more than 4,000 tweets per second Super Bowl beat the previous record for sporting events, which occurred during a match between Japan and Denmark during the World Cup last year. However, it is far from the 6,939 tweets per second recorded on Christmas night.