Twitter Has Its Worst Drop in Months

At the time I write this post, Twitter is down for millions of users around the globe. While it is normal for a site with lots of users becomes unavailable for a few minutes, this time Twitter is already at least half an hour offline. And according to the site measurement availability Pingdom, this is the worst fall of Twitter in recent months.

Twitter outages usually just let the site down, displaying the now famous Fail Whale. But this time the access to the API was also affected, according to the record in availability panel (above). Because of this, the Twitter clients like Tweetbot, TweetDeck on all platforms also can not access the social network.

Twitter has admitted the servers are struggling in its status blog, and also apologized. But as always, it does not confirm the reason that caused the outage (at least until the time of publication of this post).

Pingdom’s data show that today Twitter has 99.77% uptime in June – which, it noted, is not over. The last time that the social network had such a low uptime was in December last year, when the total uptime was 99.33%.

Update at 14:25 | Twitter is beginning to return to some users. But there is still no explanation for the fall.