Twitpic Win Support Video

The Twitpic is as used in this little world of Twitter which means it was embraced by the site that inspired him. Since the redesign of microblogging in the middle of last year, there is support display of Twitpic images. All without leaving the normal Twitter interface. But Twitpic or more to store images, and announced support for videos.

Who makes use of the service can now log you in – preferably using integration for authentication with Twitter – and repair. In addition to sending photos, Twitpic upload system will also accept the sending of various videos.

There is no discrimination on the formats video supported by Twitpic, but Empesa states that are several. The most important should be on the list, however. There is also no limit to the size of the video file, provided that its content does not exceed a minute and a half.

Of course Twitpic continues automatically tweeting links to photos (and now video) that the user sends to the service, provided that it is checked.

The video player is the screenshot above. Does it remind you of anything? I personally found it very (very!) Like the video player Vimeo, one of the competing site YouTube. At least it does not rely on Flash.