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Twist Magic, Turns Your Android into a Silent Boulder with a Single Shift

This application has struck me immensely by its simplicity and usefulness in a bundle. An application, with a single Tipping your mobile Disable you the silence and the data network to let you sleep soundly is something that many were sure to looking for and Antonio Castillo (application developer) has achieved in few weight 71 kb.

Turn magical uses for its function the accelerometer on your device that will make that with a movement have only the result before you could have with various movements in menus or widgets. Now that I mention widgets, magical twist also has a widget to place it on your desktop and thus make easier their activation or deactivation, or configure it to active from the beginning and so forget completely.

This application is totally free, y they have not put advertising either, so it already at least we don’t have any kind of excuse to try it out. Works from version 1.6 of Android and although gives some errors of the type that turns little inclination we give or that it takes few seconds to activate the silence, I think deserves an opportunity for great originality involved.

Update: just update the application and now allows you to adjust the delay time in seconds.