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Trend Alert: Backpacks!

Trend Alert: Backpacks!
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For some time the backpacks were forgotten, practically forbidden to be part of everyday looks, restricted to school until high school and at most, in the first year of College for girls was that Louis Vuitton model, remember? With the democratization of fashion, dress codes were a little more flexible and the backpacks went back to Abedia day. At first, only certain brands considered more “cool” as Eastpak or Harper Ave that were all the rage, but today even the maisons de haute couture as Chanel bet on the attachment.

The backpacks have become a trend, not to say a world fever! All the fashioners use to compose the most stylish looks of the moment, until Olivia Palermo (synonym of elegance) already has your nude model for the days you need to carry a lot. Speaking of which, there’s nothing better than leaving the maxi-bolsas and bet on backpacks to carry that pile of books in College, or even to go equipped to work.


Especially those who live in the capital, know that there is no way out in the morning without the whole House in the bag with items such as: change of clothes for happy hour, wallet, cell phone and charger, in case the sneaker heels massacre the feet, Academy for those who go straight from work, and more!

Are numerous models, IE has something for everyone! Even for the more traditional with pied de poule print leather with delicate handles whole. The models in ethnic prints or caramel tones with bangs are great for composing the looks of festival, concerts and day by day to the coastal cities because “combine” with the climate.

With studs, spikes and rivets to the wildest, are a good bet to give a dash rocker to look. Already the model bucket bag also reached the backpacks and is super different like this Guess red, the coolest thing is that you can use as a purse or backpack even. There are so many models that the only thing you can’t stop use, after all, fashion has to be a mix of comfort, style and practicality!

Who here loves backpacks?

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