Tips for Renting Umbrellas

And if it rains at marriage

The biggest fear of brides who choose to marry outdoors is rain. If this is your case check out some tips to avoid problems with the rain on the wedding day. 
Just thinking about a wedding with the guests feeling uncomfortable, wet shoes, blurry makeup, shaggy hairstyles is enough to make any bride desperate. So many choose to have a plan B, usually a ballroom already prepared for the case of a possible rain. 

Some, more daring, keep the marriage outdoors even with rain, and it is to these that we separate 7 some important tips. Check it out: 
1-Beautiful Umbrellas It does
not matter if the bride dresses up to look like a princess and get to the party all wet, or with a dull umbrella that ends her look. So be prepared with a nice umbrella. 
If possible ask the ceremonialist to leave some umbrellas ready to be lent to the guests they forget to bring. 
2-Reception and party in the same place 
If possible, arrange that the reception and party take place in the same place. This will avoid many locomotion problems in case of rain. 
Surely no bride dreams of getting married in galoshes, but it is good to have a couple prepared so you can get around without spoiling your shoes. 
4-Valet Parking 
It is good to think of the guests and arrange a valet service to prevent them from having to Walk in the parking lot during a possible rain. 
It is good to have one or two spaces covered by awnings so that the guests can shelter in case of rain. In particular one should remember to cover the bufett table. 
In case you prefer not to rent the awnings and end up not using, at least have prepared the quotation of two companies of awnings that pose to provide them last minute. 
6-Leave the bufett prepared 
During the rain the guests may be more likely to drink hot beverages like coffees and cappuccinos. So it’s good to leave the bufett ready for this possibility. 
The most important thing is to not let the rain ruin your day, remember that in many cultures rain is considered a sign of good luck in the wedding.