Thus Her Turning Out On The iPhone And iPad Properly Photos

A photo will appear on your iPhone is not in the correct orientation? Sometimes rotates the image in the camera when recording not fast enough with so that you take in the landscape, for example, in the high place as desired. Then you can rotate the image to cope with a corresponding function, fit. The corresponding function is not easy to find IOS – here you can find out how you need to go out when turning a photo.

Find The Function In The Photo App

First, you must open the photos app on the iPhone or iPad. You look out of the picture and open it. Now you type in at the top right of the display ‘Edit’ – then a new bar with tools is displayed at the bottom of the screen you, with which you can edit the photo.

Thus Her Turning Out On The iPhone And iPad Properly Photos

Images Rotate 90 Degrees

Now you select the square with the edges overlapping in this bar, which is located directly next to the “X”, with which you can cancel the Edit. This symbol is usually used for a tool to clip – in this case. You can not just rotate the photo, but you can also trim.

After you have chosen the so-called crop tool, a scale like on a compass is displayed below the image. If you want to rotate the picture only in fixed 90 degree increments clockwise direction, you can easy to tap the icon, which appears under the photo left. This consists of a square with an arrow that shows on the top right corner to the left. By double-tap it turns the photo 180 degrees.

Use The Scale

For fine adjustment, you have to use a scale below the image over here. It puts a finger on the arrow and turning it in the desired direction, rotates the image according to. In this way, you can bring the photo in exactly the position that appears suitable to you. When you’re done, you have to just tap the yellow hooks on the bottom right of the screen – the image is then saved in the new orientation.


  • To rotate an image on the iPhone or iPad, you must first open the photos app
  • Then tap Edit in the top right of the display
  • Now tools are displayed at the bottom of you
  • Selects the tool to crop an image, it consists of a square with edges overlapping
  • To rotate the image 90 degrees, you simply type on the square with the arrow on the upper right corner
  • For fine adjustment, you can use the compass scale under the picture
  • Pressing the yellow hook into the bottom-right corner of the display to store