The Menthal App Helps Fight Cell Phone Addiction

Do You Have the Cell Phone Addiction? Test It with the Menthal App!

Do you know how many times you actually uses your mobile phone on the day? With the Menthal app, you can find out how often you really use your Smartphone on the day and whether even the cell phone addiction has affected you.

Whether email messages, Whatsapp or Facebook – many use your Smartphone all the time and show symptoms of cell phone addiction this quite, because they can imagine hardly a life or even a short walk out the door without your Smartphone. The fact is: only a few know how much time they actually use with your Smartphone. But when you actually speaks of a cell phone addiction? Menthal app, which was developed by researchers of the University of Bonn, and you can download friends for free on the net, you find out how many times you actually uses your mobile phone on the day and whether one can speak with you about a cell phone addiction.

Researchers want to show with the Menthal app how much our dealing with the Smartphone already looks like an addiction, because many it is so that they do not her cell phone in hand, but vice versa: this cell phone has them firmly in hand. How to find out the Menthal app: the Menthal app registers the service life and indicates how often the Smartphone is turned on and unlocked. The Menthal app looks, what apps were used by the user. In a test of Menthal app with students came out, that the use of smartphones is usually higher than you think. On average we attack every ten minutes to the phone according to Menthal app and look daily at two to three hours on the phone’s display. The cell phone often distracts us from important activities, often we do when hardly anything we do, even without mobile – this pattern is quite similar to of other addictions.

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