The Marco Polo Cityguides

The guide for the iPhone (iPod touch) In the
past, printed guides have always belonged to every tour-whether “Lonley Planet”, “ADAC travel guide” or “Marco Polo”. These included always up-to-date tips and hints, which are necessary for a successful trip or a weekend trip. But today, for example, we have a device with the iPhone and all its capabilities and apps, which makes “paper scouts” appear obsolete. Whether Foursquare, my city, Wikitude or Layar, the possibilities are pretty much unlimited, not to mention the local Google search. Since I am now moved and live in a new city, I naturally also took my personal explorations with the help of the iPhone and the above mentioned apps. However, I really was not really happy with it.

On the one hand, the information on many apps are scattered, and the content is partly somewhat poorly developed, which is partly due to the fact that many applications focus their content mostly on the US market.

In short, I was not happy with the previous tools. Adequate replacement I found in the numerous CityGuides of Marco Polo (in each case 3.99 euro). These guides are available for a variety (currently 28) of national and international cities, including the home of the CyberBlocs (Dresden) or European metropolises such as Rome or Paris. In a total of eight categories (Top Highlights, Sights, Food & Drinks, Shopping, Evening, Art, Culture & Museums, Hotels as well as Fairs & Traffic) tips and insider tips around the selected city are prepared and displayed accordingly. Thanks to GPS, distance data are also provided and the function “Nearby” lists interesting sights and other POIs. Thankfully, it is possible to run the Marco Polo CityGuides at any time as an offline application, so the functions are also available to users of an iPod touch, which may not always be connected to the Internet.Useful additional function: By means of a taxi call, a motorbike-driven cab can be ordered quickly and easily without knowing the local taxinummer. Conclusion: The CityGuide from Marco Polo has helped me personally to get into a new city, just opposite the printed version, I save money and nerves, because the iPhone is just then always there.