The Main Fashion Trends Summer 2016!

It is spring and the main fashion trends summer 2016 are starting appear, and how most women like to know of the news of the hottest station of the year then split up some trends that promise to pumping with all this summer.
The colors for the summer 2016 are democratic enough and the tones that are the face of the summer are: sky blue, pink quartz, yellow, Orange, green water and various shades off white and green. The back of the candy colors colors promise to leave the summer even more cheerful. In the summer 2016 the mix of colors this released and the basic black will also be one of the trends for the night, and can be used with transpositions tracks and unusual cutouts.
PRINTS for the summer 2016
As summer is the month of joy and parting fair spring take the lightness of flowers to their clothes, then bet in floral prints, stripes and ethnic.
For those who love dresses and skirts know that in 2016 the summer trend is the midi-length use without fear. Another strong trend that promises to leave the summer much more visual fresh are the hit larguinhas with motifs of flowers and fruit, summer modeling is to use the shoulders out enjoy this trend. Other trends are the sleeves evasês, crochet, monkeys, kimonos, lace details, fringed and embroidered with colored lines.