The Galaxy There are Rated 3 in Small

Galaxy Note 3 Lite is Presented in February

The Samsung Galaxy touch 3 is the most successful Samsung Smartphone of the note series. And it looks like a slimmed-down, smaller version of Korean best-selling smartphones on the market could come soon: the Galaxy note 3 Lite – this say at least Insider. The website has stated that Samsung touch 3 for the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2014 plans a Lite version of its successful smart phones Galaxy. The mini version of the Galaxy note 3 will come out probably among other things with a smaller display. The small Galaxy note 3 Lite has the model SM-N7505. It will be available in black and white and come out with a 5.5-inch LCD display with a 8.8-mega pixel camera – Sammobile has said all the information by an insider. The model name and the display size of the Galaxy 3 Lite Touch was also previously by the Indian R & D service provider chattering Samsung itself there was yet no opinion on the Smartphone Galaxy note 3 Lite. If and when note there to buy 3 Lite in Germany the Galaxy, is therefore equally unclear as the price of the Smartphone. According to the latest rumors the Galaxy will be presented note but 3 Lite to the mobile Word Congress in February. As mentioned here recently, there will be the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 probably at about the same time. We may be curious…

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