The First Camera Module For Project ARA In Action

Camera module for the works project ARA: Toshiba has introduced the first camera modules for the modular Smartphone by Google at a Developers Conference in Singapore. A YouTube video demonstrating how the camera works.

At the Conference, Shardul Kazi, the Vice President of Toshiba America, stressed that the developed modules should be made freely available, the reported phones Forum modular. In this way, developers all over the world could use the Toshiba chips and continue to develop. Toshiba wants to develop project ARA camera modules for the different high resolution that can be replaced by users as needed.

5 MP Camera In The Video

The goal is for the main camera three modules to provide, each with 8 MP, 13 MP and dissolve 20 MP. The development of the modules is divided into several phases: A reference module with a resolution of 5 MP is already finished. By 2016, the other copies should available – including NFC, wireless recharge and external memory space.

The module shown in the video with 5 MP was the first camera module from Toshiba, which is executable. How in the video is can be changed from the segment in a simple way. Next a reference module with the resolution of 13 should be completed, then MP offer new features compared to the now the module. To document the progress that Toshiba has established a website for project ARA.