The Colors of The Turn. Choose Your And 2017.

The new year is knocking on the door. What’s done is done. Now it’s time to reflect, renew the hopes and desires for 2017. To start with the right foot and good vibes, get in the mood and choose the color of the look for the turn. If you are one of those who prefer to bet on the energy of another color than the traditional white-used by most – so keep an eye on the meaning of each one of them and choose your tone for the new year’s Eve. Are the colors of the turn. Everything to start 2017 with lots of prosperity, vitality, dynamism and claw. Let’s get on with it.


Color of the empowerment that brings dynamic energy to new and promising beginnings. Is the color of the action, independence and achievement. A hot color, has the meaning much love and passion. See here.

Light blue

Relieves tension and stimulates thoughts clear. Start 2017 with an energy of peace, creativity and freedom. Tom evokes Tranquility and health. See here.

Dark blue

It means intimacy and maturity. The dark blue helps to increase the sensitivity of your emotions and promotes an atmosphere of deep understanding between you and the other. Promotes the Union and the flow of feelings. See here.


Orange brings warmth and emotion of encounter and Exchange. Promotes spontaneity and positive attitude in the relationship. Is movement, joy. See here.


Is always optimism, is the color of prosperity. Yellow increases the joy of living, is the youthful energy, dynamism and enthusiasm. See here.


Green your clean energy, recovers refreshes. Promotes a relaxing effect and protective. Start 2017 with balance, serenity and confidence. Is the colour of harmony and hope.

Rose pink

Is the color of affection, understanding and contributes to release all the love there is in you.