The Certification Program HTC Connect Opens with Pioneer

For those who are not very posts on the subject, not always connected our Smartphone with other electronic devices of the House is an easy task. HTC wants to be a comfortable and transparent process for the user, and for that presents your HTC Connect certification program.

Opens with the family of phones HTC One, who will be receiving regular updates to improve compatibility with equipment which will be certifying. The idea is that the connection, configuration, and functionality are on hand for any user.

The first to introduce a certification Pioneer, with audio equipment that are already friends of HTC phones, and are therefore presented with the corresponding logo. Technologically, we understand that there are no differences with what can be done with other phones, but yes from the point of view of the support issue that we would like to thank.

The first thing that has been presented are wireless speakers:

Initially based on the DLNA connectivity, HTC raises the possibility that also will support via Bluetooth or NFC in your HTC Connect certification.

There is no doubt that HTC continues to promote the added value in their teams, especially in what it has to do with multimedia: integration of Beats Audio, accessories such as the Link HD Media, or services that serve content.