The Bikini that Has Conquered the World of Cinema

You have to make a leap in 1946, specifically on July 5, when the French tailor Louis Réard in Paris invents the first modern model of bikinis, baptized with the name of Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Over the years, he created a stir initially, seduced, and dressed, many divas and movie stars, and it was thanks to his dive, which went from a scandal concerns iconic and seductive.

When speaking of cinema-bikini combination, it must necessarily refer to Dr. No Bikini 1962, with Bond Girl for excellence, Bombebikini. His two white pieces with belt, worn by a scene from the film, while out of the water, has left a mark in the minds of all viewers even with the passing years. Indeed, the historical scene was subject to a “remake” that saw him star Halle Berry who wore a bikini that although of a different color, has left intact the charm of the scene.The bikini Ursula Andress, was designed by the same actress and costume designer Tessa Prendegrass, is the most famous two-piece that has marked the history of cinema. But it is not the first from a temporal point of view, was in fact anticipated by Brigitte Bardot in “Manina The Girl Without Veil”.

The trump card of Bikini is definitely his strong sex appeal, which has helped to bring it to success in the film world. In the sixties it made ​​room among television series such as Baywatch, consecrating it as an icon of pop culture.

Not just a costume, was declined in its variants, going to meet the need for pseudo-armor, often made ​​of metal, various heroines of comics and TV series were just dressed exploiting these declinations of two pieces, such as: Elektra, Xena, Emma Frost.

Many actresses, Italian or not, which have not been immune to the charms of Bikini: as Marilyn Monroe in “Clash by Night” , the Charlie’s Angels played by Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore, from Angelina Jolie in “Tomb Raider” to the protagonists of Spring Breakers Harmony Corine, and no shortage of Italian Mariangela Spalato in” Swept by an Unusual Destiny” and Stefania Sandrelli in “Divorce Italian Style”.

The Bikini has become a symbol of seduction and elegance over time, a must have for our summer, it is obvious there are not only Ursula Andress and Lara Croft “around”, but do not forget that there are an infinite number of models, each of which best suited to the physical nature of each, and the important thing is finding the right harmony with your body and enhancing hiding any strengths and “weaknesses”, not “force himself” in mini two pieces, which go beyond the limits of good taste and of decency.