The Bicycle is the Great Solution for Problems of Locomotion

In March 2007 one of the founding members of above ‘ e the Chancha found a document of the third of the hour journal (today, with other owners, simply La Tercera). He was entitled “the bicycle is the great solution for problems of locomotion” stressing “It became fashionable in the streets”. It was published on page 8 Tuesday, August 14, 1973, less than a month of the military coup.

So far, it is possible that it is the journalistic publication that most tracks has given on the context of the bike for more than 40 years. Previously released images not allowed see clearly the full text of the note. Today, after a brief course of technical induction to the journalistic investigation by our friend “Gemmy Jones” passionate librarian, we were heading to the archive of the National Library and invest a couple of hours looking at microfilm. Transcribe the article.

These are some of the clues that we could get out of it according to Travelationary.

  • There was a problem with public transport and was ad portas de mobilization in Santiago. The bike was a tool to overcome the problem that this gave to the “locomotion” in general. Something maybe like what happened with the launch of Transantiago in February 2007
  • Shirts, almost a standard in the everyday dress of today, were the latest fashion trend, coming to dethrone shirt.
  • Applied bicilogistica, transporting children or food for picnics.
  • Apparently there was already an incipient Chilean aspiration to have a car.
  • Already stated in those years that the bike has had its “ups and downs”
  • CIC was apparently the only Chilean bicycle factory. Refer to the Oxford company as an assembler of bicycles in the city of Arica.
  • CIC produced more than 3000 bikes every month in three models, ring 28, aro 26 and the Mini.
  • Already in those years recognized that the Chilean is comfortable, making reference to that is little given to physical activity.
  • The bici-moto appeared as an “improvement” on the bike, special to avoid physical activity, selling it as a “more comfortable”.
  • There was already talk mosquito engines.
  • Years before had built an exclusive track for bikes and motorbikes at the Mall, project manager of the municipality of Santiago. They say that it failed for lack of special signage.
  • The Municipal Government of Providence was addressing strategies or actions to improve the safety of the users of the bike. This since the bike rides were increasing in the commune.
  • Costanera Avenue and Providence women cycling, could be the pioneers in “solve your problem of locomotion” using bicycles.

Sounds to leave vu. Communes of Grand Santiago repeated that they were working on the mobility in bicycle and was a vehicle whose use was picturesque in the eyes of the press, were however recognized their tremendous abilities.

42 years later we can say that there are coincidences, but certainly we are in better standing with best possibilities. There were no cars, we stop them entering the city, today we reap their adverse results. It will be a time when we really fertilicemos meadow for to flourish the citizens definitely cycling.

Here the full text.

Page 8, the third of the hour. Tuesday, August 14, 1973.

The bicycle is the great solution for problems of locomotion
“It became fashionable in the streets”

No matter the age or the physical. Just enough to get a tremendous workout and auto – solve is the problem of locomotion to. The bikes have been put into “wave” as well as Swedish female and male skirts. Men, women and children and even “lolones” of fifty years have decided to weather in part the problem of locomotion giving movement to his legs and by adding a picturesque note to the city streets.

Following recent events the Chileans who have the luck of having a “CIC”, “Centennial” or “Liguria” after inflate you the tires, prepare a small Picnic – exercise produces hunger – and make a trotecillo of preheating embark on the conquest of the Center. They do this through different streets with bundles and sometimes bringing your child in a booster seat. It is the Chilean solution to the lack of microphones and shortages to achieve the desired vehicle.

A bit of history
But to talk about bikes you have to go to find the first origins of this means of transport. The “celerifero” is the first ancestor of modern bicycle and swift automobile and its invention dates back to the year 1800. The author of this two wheeled device, not only bide agog men, if not that also to horses that would be later replaced by these two wheels, was “Sivrac”. Years later baron Carlos Federico Drais ideo a machine that is called draisiana and it was distinguished from the celerifero in which the front wheel was independently of the back.

Practice English with his attitude were those that to overcome the obstacles built bicycle rims. In this way our ancestors enjoyed while in the “One step” and the “fox trot” had the bike within reach of her feet. What allowed them to take long walks, enjoy the scenery or simply moving from one point to another.

Chilean solution?
In Chile the bicycle has had its ups and downs. And only be an element that used to go for walks or as a sport, now if they did exist in the market would be the Chilean solution to the problem of locomotion.

There are currently in Chile one manufactures bike: “CIC” and a finishings located in Arica. The first works since 1938 and produces monthly 3,000 bicycles from three types. The ring 28 man who is the more large, hoop 26 for both sexes and the “Mini”. The latter is manufactured since 1968 and serves in it he walk a little to an adult.

The CIC, informed Rafael Escolano, Chief of the division of boulders, delivered between 150 to 160 daily bicycle dealers. 80 percent of the parts used to assemble a bike are made by the same CIC and only 20 percent of their parts are imported. Even in this factory tires and wheels Chamber are made.

However for this professional Chilean solution is not the bicycle. We must consider, explains, that the Chilean is very comfortable and not likes to get plenty of exercise. But there is a solution. The CIC is studying and just than “CORFO” “we” and soon will be able to manufacture in Chile “Motobecane”. This “bike” is able to acquire a cruising speed of 40 kilometers per hour, is of low ciclindrada – 50 cubic centimeters – and quite economical. In addition you can use at any time as bike.

This vehicle, says Escolano, could leave our factory with a price fluctuating between 45,000 shields. And manufacturing capacity of installation of CIC and its experience would be leveraged. The manufacture of this type of transport opens also expectations of export to countries like Argentina and Peru.

Prices and mosquitoes
Until recently the “Mini” prices were 3,600 shield. And according to the new official prices this amount increased to 25,000 shields and the ring 28 and 26 around 18,000 shields.

On the other hand, for those who have purchased a bike there is the possibility of finding a “mosquito” is a single cylinder engine and approximately a total of 50 kilometres of speed. They are fairly inexpensive benzine, spending 35 kilometers per liter. The brand of these engines are “Saseh” and German manufacturing. Its price ranges from approximately 60,000 to 80,000 shields.

To lower most prices of these means of transport, Martin Duran Reynoso has elaborated a project to import 300 thousand bicycles to be distributed throughout the country. These bikes will be delivered between employees, workers and students whose income does not exceed 5 vital, giving a rise of E salary 800-30 E 140 shares. In any case, this initiative of Duran is subject to the support that the Government will give you.

Special regulation
But increased production of this type of locomotion is not enough. It must be accompanied by a traffic regulation to avoid accidents. On this, years ago, built the municipality of Santiago at Alameda Street a special for cyclists and motonetistas track. The result was quite negative, because having no special signs were continuous accidents caused by pedestrians and motorists.

By the time the municipality is addressing them problems that occur when cyclists in Providence, artery which in recent months has acquired a large influx of cyclists.


“Factory CIC is a pioneer in the manufacture of bicycles.” It produces daily between 150 and 160 bikes that are delivered to the distributors. Estimated monthly manufacturing 3,600 bicycles.

“Our grandparents were the first to take this means of transportation. They did it as a hobby or as a sport. Although fashion is not the same and something has moved forward in this pioneering tricycle or celerifero model, without fear of falling, circulated by the Alameda de Las Delicias.

“‘lolas’ were the first to solve their problem of locomotion. Along avenida Costanera or Providence is normal to observe santiaguinos that, in the absence of buses, they have preferred bicycles”