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The Best Street Style of The Week (LVII)

The Best Street Style of The Week (LVII)
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We are moving forward as each Monday with the Street-Styles of the week, where we choose some of the best looks that we have seen on the street and analyze them to then offer them and that can thus choose and take ideas to get your own looks. Because one thing is clear: it has good taste and style, but the only way to educate, improve it and perfect it is observing and learning increasingly new ways give a twist to everything that we have before us. The key is to offer something fresh, imaginative, innovative and elegant, no easy task.

And now that summer is here and with it the good weather, have the possibility to make use of garments such as the Poles, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve with necklines and more summer materials (lycra, silk and linen) and above all a wide variety of plug-ins, so you need to put hands to work with them and see what we can do.

I still think that a good choice for spring are the garment desestruturizaciones; i.e., so we understand it is trying to cut to go in a different way to that you would have to go. For example, bet on relaxed clothing, looks oversized in white or earthy tones, make use of the ponchos, straight shank pants, symmetrical shirts & #8230;

A good option is the necklines, of which I have already spoken Mensencia. Much relaxing style and the whole, provide warmth and also have many options for this spring from the hand of firms low cost. We can combine them with prints as the paisley the geometric and get results different.

Another option is to explore new fabrics, new cuts and new patterns to combine between them and experience new blends. The contrasts can always be good allies (pictures of Wales with padded fabrics) both textures and colors and shapes.

The Add-ins also helping: the borsalinos and hats in general (berets and caps) are a good choice on which start to build a look in particular.

The elegant looks are constructed from blazers and jackets that begin to bet with the lighter shades, which contrast with dark shirts is more extended and also got to introduce different notes in the form of prints, color changes, colour gradients & #8230;

Finally, there is to know how to give it the prominence that it deserves to the Bermuda and get out. Not only with the Poles, they are always the most used, but bet on shirts, jerseys, jackets … to achieve greater contrasts and play a bit with tissues and the visibility of the legs.

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