Tezenis Swimwear Rita Ora

The collection of costumes Tezenis Summer 2014 also fills this year to a range of glamorous models in the forms that we fashion victims worship. The proposal Tezenis rewards as always, the two-piece costumes, bikinis declined in pastel versions, in the guise bold prints but also in more traditional uni variants united in dark colors to satisfy all tastes so right. Coordinated with the costumes, Tezenis think a very varied sea fashion line, let’s give it a look in detail.

In the field of costumes from different specialized brands they have achieved this year bright bathroom collections, rich in colorful patterns perfectly in line with some of the coolest must-have of the moment. This is the case of collection Calzedonia swimwear for summer 2014, just as full of fashion items.

As we looked forward to, the costumes online catalog Tezenis in the images of our photo gallery and on the Bikiniwill of the Underwire bikinis, is all focused on two-piece costumes, bikinis proposed with the top in the classic form of a bra push up, with padded or cushioned super, but also with more classic triangle or with wing, the form that has more and more success in recent years.

They are mated to slip with adjustable side straps, a wide-band or narrow models or Brazilians. The uni Tezenis bikini units are designed in evergreen colors like black, dark, and the bon ton blue, palette which is also found in the bathroom Golden Point costumes collection for summer 2014.

But as you can image, Tezenis does not give up a touch more personal, so in bikinis space with patterned dots of color base in yellow or pink, in costumes with fancy stripes in marinara style and variations in color block for those who prefer a style most eccentric. The blacks bikinis were made ​​with the upper triangle, bandeau or with push up cups, to be chosen according to your taste.

To swimwear Tezenis supports a rich collection of beachwear that includesmini-dress and outfits in different shapes and colors. Blacks models with bandeau bodice alternate with pastel-colored variants with denim skirt, and a jumpsuit playsuit most chic in sunny colors. Then the large number of modelsshorts, from fabric to camouflage patterns.

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