Syrian Government Holds Blogger of 19 Years

Tal al-Mallouhi a blogger Syrian 19, was sentenced to a season of five years behind bars for “revealing state secrets” to foreign on his personal blog. Detained since 2009 without trial, al-Mallouhi maintained a page that basically posted poetry and commented about his day to day.

But according to Human Rights International, the girl found the heavy hand of the law by writing verses in which he criticized the lack of freedom of expression in Syria in a post and ask President Barack Obama supported the Palestinian cause at another time.

A week ago, the US State Department said that it should be released, as his charges had no legal support. Apparently, the fall of the Egyptian government has made other dictators on alert. Experts polled by Reuters news network point that Syria should be one of the next countries to go through “digital revolution”, alongside Tunisia and Algeria.

In any case, earlier this month a demonstration organized through the Facebook against the government of the Baath Party – which is 50 years in charge of the country – won 17,000 Like “on Facebook, but did not reflect that popularity on the streets.