Summer Dress Outfits

The thing that most of all I love to do on a nice sunny day is to go out to lunch. Parma (my city) is full of beautiful restaurants with outdoor tables along the streets of the center and, for me, the best of life is to sit in one of these tables and eat something healthy and light chatting in the sun, while the city runs next to me.

Summer Dress Outfits

last Sunday it was one of those magical days and I, even though I had a lot to learn, I clipped an hour for eating out.

to get dressed I really had very little time and so, a bit ‘inspired by the sun and a little ‘forced by the hurry, I chose a simple and super lightweight look, forgetting for a few hours because the shoes ankle loose the legs!


I then made up my outfit starting with the army green dress, made by H & M years ago and always super present, one of those dresses that you can always count when you hurry. Then I chose to combine it with a pair of All-Star who played down the dress making the look suitable for casual dining.


For the rest I chose a pair of big sunglasses by Dior and a bucket bag Vintage Trussardi, chic yet sporty. As accessories was wearing a necklace with a heart pendant red grip on and the bracelet with Cruciani panda made ​​in collaboration with the WWF.
What do you think of the look? Pass or fail?