Summer Beach Bags

The summer trends are clear: accessories total color or transparent, storage to hold and Print… choose your look!

The beach bag must be especially practical, but without sacrificing style.

The trends this summer are clear: transparent PVC trunks with fluorescent colors, give a sponge to traditional care bag of woven raffia and can be used equally in the city and in the evening.

By Furla, Coccinelle, Prada, Lacoste pvc in depopulated colors. For this particular material is required qualities: bags must be of a certain rigidity and that sparkle in the sun.Unfortunately there are gadgets and low prizes that copy this fashion, but often with cheap solutions that break easily and appear much less stylish of the competitors of the big fashion maisons.

On the contrary, for those who prefer the public beach the comfort of a private bathroom, come the micro rigid beauty, with space for keys, mobile phones and little else, although very elegant brand of opting for a clutch of low prices. If they are monochrome or color intertwined and precious models to one-season collections as those proposed by Zara.

Sure, you’ll probably have, however, purchase a great bag to carry with you the rest of what I need, to the beach or you will find yourself with sunscreen, magazines and snacks dumped on beach towel…

A purse of this kind, especially if chosen in shades of the season, is also a must have for the evening and, in the future, you can use it as a jewelry box.

If these trends do not convince you, do not worry!

The choice is still wide and the bag with striped or gingham prints goes well with the look navy and rear imposed from the catwalks of the season.

Lines matching the white to red, blue and brown. Choose a bag of this type especially with costumes by contemporary pin up. The elegance in this case is dictated by the clean lines of the bag, better to opt for a semi-rigid object and every little detail counts.

Handbags prints lines and Vichy (tableau by AC)

For those more practical, the washable and waterproof bags like those of Nannini and Tezenis, are an excellent choice. The colors shine and are easily combined. Especially you can be sure that your belongings are protected from the sun, sand and water. Of course it is not reversible bags: in this case you can use only and only for the beach. Other monochromatic bags, faux leather, instead can be adapted to night solutions.

Colored bags Nannini and Tezenis (tableau by AC)

The prints are always present and it is a bit ‘lost ethnic and folk style trend accessorize, suitable only for young people. However, the total image prints are having the better of floral patterns and textures. Among the examples, the timeless handbags Louis Vuitton of 2011 and the Carrera or Kate Spade.

prints handbags kate spade harmony (tableau by AC)

A touch of irony is good for holidays and many bags responding to the provocation, starting from Moschino which adds the fruity details raffia handbags, as well as the “pineapple” model of Nacy Gonzales. Belle also the shopper in canvas with a child designs, such as those launched by Marni or tone on tone design of the whale puffing blue in the blue sea.