Steal The Look: The Trajectory of Entrepreneurs Creating Content Platform Gaucho And e-Commerce Fashion

Look of The Day, Travel To Points Such As New York and Milan, confirmed presence in the major fashion weeks in the world. At first glance, who accesses the profiles on Instagram by Manuela Bordasch and Catharina Dieterich, both 29 years old, you can imagine that these are two more digital influencers, like other today, which accumulate followers around your lifestyle. But the story goes beyond.

The pair State might even have the nickname–and the likes–but is in established bloggers position of digital entrepreneurs they have been consolidated. Manu and Catha, how social networks are known, are the names behind the Steal The Look, fashion and beauty a precursor (and leader!) in Brazil to offer “purchasable content”. Pause: calm that we explain everything that is. At the beginning of 2012, girls got the start on the portal that is a hybrid of electronic magazine with e-commerce – and today receives more than 2 million hits a month. Want to know what Kendall Jenner, one of the most searched celebrities on the site, in your last appearance in the streets of the Big Apple? Have questions about how to use it the moment parts or looking for tips to renew the eternal duo jeans and t-shirt? They respond all in practical and information-filled posts at Our site. In addition to the content, comes the great asset of the portal: more than giving tips right sets, the STL helps you find similar parts to all the popular use. Is this the “steal the look”. Within the reach of a click, you can buy the complete combo, the blouse to Accessories and shoes.

The insight of Manu emerged at the end of the Faculty of international relations with an emphasis in business and Marketing at ESPM in Porto Alegre, in the year 2011. While writing the monograph focusing on fashion for the completion of the course, he realized that none of the bloggers at the time offered content links to online shopping. In fact, the very act of consumption over the internet was still the slow steps, but it grew little by little. Then came the crack: why not merge information with the immediate acquisition?

— For us it seemed something very obvious, but no one had done yet. Served up to supply something for ourselves as consumers — explains Manuela, in an interview with Donna in São Paulo, in the Office, in the Itaim Bibi district.

Not by chance, the balcony of Manu had all to do with what planned for you. After working as a model of 14 to 19 years, returned to the Capital to study, but always had the will to undertake. The ages of the catwalk, brought in the luggage that networking would be fundamental in the early years of business – and, of course, to this day: the schedule filled with contacts of friends models, photographers and producers. To enter also in the endeavor, called her friend Catharina, who was studying English in Los Angeles while trying to figure out the course the following professional. After passing by the University faculties of food engineering, production engineering and accounting courses and Economics at the University of California at Los Angeles, Catha surrendered to the desire to work in fashion. Worked as an Assistant styling Lisa Michelle Boyd in Hollywood, but realized that was not what I would do with my life. That’s when he received the invitation of friend of school days.

— Wanted to work in fashion and have my own business, but didn’t know what. It was all at the same time, perfect timing. But I didn’t think I was going to make money — recalls Catharina.

With an initial investment of $30, which served to buy website domain, Manu and Catha gave the kick in the project – that, in 2016, should close with top billing to 2 million R$. To start, the team still had a programmer from Switzerland and another associate from New York, which ended up leaving later. With so much distance, meetings to plan the website were via Skype.

— Was made of an amateur way, like in Paint (laughs) — Manu.

It worked: in April 2012, went on the air the first post of the Steal The Look, who taught how to use the collar of the shirt closed outside the sweater. With the help of everyone who was prepared to share (and even $1 spent on disclosure), girls began to create texts style “how to use” and looks of famous. Of man, also speculate all possible ways to make the site give money.

— Since the beginning, we saw it was something with a lot of potential to grow, to acceptance. The Steal The Look was never a hobby for us, it was always business — claims the former model.

A month after the site go to the air, left the Boghiu marketing coordinator job in an insurance company from the Capital to devote himself entirely to the project. With the access numbers rising and the amount of advertising getting in the box, came the time for other partners to assess as well: the STL would be a “real job”?

— Had a moment or everyone embraced the project and drop their jobs or would end up stagnating. Decided that, for business really grow, everyone would have to jump head first — recalls Manu.

— Always hoped that, at the time when it started paying our salary, everyone would come out of their jobs. But the project just begin to make money even when everyone risk — evaluates Catha.

When the Steal The Look completed two years, girls have set up an Office in Sao Paulo-city focus brands customers and major fashion events in the country. With the team getting together daily, the business has grown from truth: the goal of access and billing designed for the first half was hit in less than three months. It was confirmation of potential for which they hoped.

— At the time had nothing to compare and think: “Will be equal to this or that and going to work” — remember Catha.

In addition to the trade numbers, the site began to be popular in other instances as well. Just look at the Facebook of Steal The Look to realize that gave-and-right: until the closing of this Edition, the page sum more than 880,000 tanners, while the profile @stealthelook pass of 200,000. And counting.

Fashion and innovative business

Almost five years on the air, Steal The Look not to grow the capacity of girls being always attentive to new possibilities. In addition, the STL brand own Manuela Bordasch and Catharina Dieterich became, also, personalities with strength in your own “arroba” – the same as occurred with Arthur Chini, managing partner of the duo from 2014.

— In the beginning, we didn’t want to show up, precisely because the idea was never to be a website or a blog of a person. We wanted to report styles and trends from around the world. We started to appear from scratch — explains Manu. — That (exposure) emerged by requests from brands, just rising and now doesn’t have much going back. The public wants to know who is behind any business. Want to connect with people and purposes.

Proof of this is that each new Member that joins the team to “look stealers” – as the girls call the crew that makes the site-logo wins identification with the readers. In addition to Manu, Catha and Arthur, seven other people produce daily content for the portal (on average eight posts daily) and social networks. On Instagram, the followers love to follow the coolest looks that girls usually wear to go to work. All is clicked there, in the two-story office who have left the Pinterest – and we visited in one of the ranges of the São Paulo Fashion Week, to interview you read below. Those who follow the Steal The Look in Snapchat know well: hard work, of course, but girls do everything with a lot of fun. The aura of glamour, by the way, I’ve “cheated” one of the girls who joined the team and stayed for two days.

— She thought it was because he had to sit down and dynamic work. Was a record — recalls Catha, between laughs. -But it’s a different job, you can use the clothes you want, listen to the music that you want. Us encourages a lot and asks the girls give ideas, not just do what we want. Is dynamic and fun, sure, but like any work also have stress.

Besides the work in front of the computer in the #TheCoolestOfficeInTown (or “coolest Office”, in free translation, as it was affectionately christened the place), Manu and Catha launched fashion with the itinerant Office of summer, the Summer Office. Last year, the duo worked straight from Ibiza, in Spain. For this year, the chosen destination was Beverly Hills, in the United States, with the presence of model and actress Kangana Dicker. Everything that rolls on the road – or on roofs as the fashion week in New York, for example – turns reality on the YouTube channel, which includes more than 100 videos and exceeds 1 million pageviews.

Curious to know how the daily lives of girls or how does the work of Steal The Look? We separate the best moments of our meeting.

Crisis and consumption

“We don’t feel the crisis. But we could hit the button with the girls to think of putting products worth anymore, trying to walk along with the crisis. Of course people would decrease consumption, so we feel the pressure. They increased the goals, but we had no customers who have canceled because of lower sales. Even the user who does not consume (and there are many, for sure) strengthens the brand of the STL. He may not consume online, but is inspired by that content, you’re going to the store to buy, price searches. And he also speaks to other people enter the site “.

Catharina Dieterich

“This is the time to use the most creativity. If people are spending less, let’s make staves with products that are extremely accessible or with products that they have everything at home and they put something else. The idea is not only to encourage people to buy new items, but they learn to use what you already have. Today what the STL wins it’s not just the sale. We have various forms of advertising where the person, just because they have access to consume this content, monetize the site already.

Manuela Bordasch

As the site profitable?

“We have all the formats that the sites have advertising, banner, publipost, newsletter. But we also have a very unique format, which we sell as if they were packages. The brands pay a monthly fee to be there, and we have an agreement with the marks: or x number of traffic that we will deliver, hits, or an amount-the brand x will appear in so many posts. All brands have access to a screen in which you can control which products have appeared in which post, on which day it is something that people are unaware of. We do many events, fashion week, launch, social media, all these other ways of monetizing aggregate “.

Manuela Bordasch

What goes in and what is out

“At first, everybody jokes that if prostitution. We’ve put a friend to photograph because we could not say no to that money, but we didn’t want to put it on the site. When the business is starting, it’s hard to talk to a value that can make a lot of difference. But, since the beginning, we see that the few times we’ve reviewed this result. Not thinking only on the client, but also in the STL can be shot in the foot because it will keep the readers that we want them to be faithful to the site “.

Manuela Bordasch

A day in the life of the girls

“Changes a lot from one day to another. In the days when longer stopped, each one arrives and stays in your computer. Manu is more on the commercial and marketing, I’m more on the content, but the whole time we interact. 1 hour us for everything and will show the look of everyone in the Snap or what came in the mail. It’s very dynamic. Have meeting, event, travel. Never has routine. ”

Catharina Dieterich

“Coming out is very important. At fashion week in New York, for example, the least inspires are sometimes the parades: the streets can inspire more. You go out and it’s in a laboratory. When we came back, it’s like we made a course out of so much information that we see. ”

Manuela Bordasch

How to find your style

“I think it’s not a play or a product, but styling tips. There are things with his own clothes can change and make it more stylish, a way to fold the sleeve of the t-shirt, how to tie a shoelace. We try to show a lot of that. You can be the most stylish with the clothes that you wear. And don’t use something just because everyone else is using. ”

Catharina Dieterich

“The main thing is, don’t be a slave of trend. Not every trend is for everyone. You just have to use what you’re going to feel good. If you have something you love and wear well, but it’s not in fashion, you do not need to stop using. If you are faithful to your own taste, is easier to hit. Has several things I love, will say it is outdated, but if I feel good is what matters. If you are confident, no matter what you’re wearing. ”

Manuela Bordasch

Comes around

“We are working for the STL to become a portal sets well in that the person can do everything there. That is a kind of social network. When thinking about fashion, the person will in STL for everything. We have several features that we’re going to get through the technology, but the people are thinking. Today we send the traffic to the site, but we thought: why not do it all within the STL itself, without having to get out of there to make the purchase? And there are people who already see us as an e-commerce. We have callin’ the shots “.

Manuela Bordasch