Spring Summer Clutch Bags

Reasons proposes his ideas of bags in the spring / summer 2011 collection, a line that completes the proposed clothing and footwear for the hot season with several models in line with the hottest must this season who marched on Milan catwalks up to a few days ago. Sensuality, elegance and a good dose of refinement have always been the reference points of the collections of motifs, a brand that has established his own reputation on the idea of femininity that most, although always adhering to the most glamorous fashions of the moment.

Spring Summer Clutch Bags

Several brands have already proposed their ideas for the collections of leather goods priamavera / summer 2011, some more elegant, others pointing to a more youthful flavor and color, such as Juicy Couture.

Trying to meet the needs of a bit ‘all the women and also the youngest, Reasons proposes different models to large bags and day comfortable, but also trunks in denim and faux leather, trapeze bags, models shopping with stitching and studs and yet soft bags from processing fretwork.

For evening clutch laminated with ruffles or minipochette in satinwith chains and stitching are the ideals.

As always, excellent value for money, we start from a minimum of 40 euro to a maximum of 60 Euros.

The color palette encompasses mainly neutral colors such as beige, camel, ice, blue and black, but there are more bright and colorful models and more purely juvenile forms.