Sports Bra Compatible with Heart Rate Monitors


Despite the brand Victoria’s Secret be widely known for their super sexy lingerie, the truth is that it has a super cool line of Sports Bras with various styles that are closed at the front, have handles ajust, seamless design and sweat resistant fabrics.

But the newest brand is this sports bra compatible with heart rate monitors.

A bra with technology that incorporates sensors inside the fabric.Specifically has required electrodes to bind a heart rate monitor, which is sold separately.

The electrodes are located on the front of the bra and will need to be moistened before making contact with the skin for a proper reading. So, you can keep track of your heart rate as you exercise, without the need for bulky equipment and sometimes even annoying.

This sports bra is described by Victoria’s Secret as the one that is on the frontline of world fitness being”perfect for racing, boxing and high impact exercises”.

The technology used in this sports bra was developed by Clothing+, a Finnish company that has developed technology of biometric sensors to the sport area, having already worked with Adidas and Under Armour.

The BRA itself, comes in two colors, Hello Lovely(Pink) and Black Marl(grey). It is made of a specific fabric to keep sweat away from the body to a highly comfortable training.

This fantastic and practical sports bra is being sold for about $75, in the United States.

Cool isn’t it?!