Sports Authority Water Bottle with Filter

You bathe with it, cook with it and drink it, but you have no idea what it contains water that flows when you turn the faucet in your home. Tap water may contain chlorine, heavy metals and even pesticides and alternative – bottled water is very expensive and often not better taste. What is the solution then?
Your attention is one of the top products of the Japanese company “Nikken”. Internationally recognized as one of the most innovative companies, “Nikken” managed to create a technology that transforms ordinary tap water into pure, delicious and filtered drinking water. And all this happens in a small sports bottle that is economical, practical and environmentally friendly.

With the unique water bottle for cycling on “,” you will satisfy your growing needs for a healthy lifestyle and have an intelligent alternative to bottled water.

Bottle with filter “PiMag”
The unique bottle “PiMag” is named sport, but design was created by “traveling” bottle to accompany you anywhere. It has an original and patented microfilter that not only meets internationally recognized standards for filtering, but even exceed them. The result is a delicious and alkaline water, recreating natural conditions in the fresh mountain spring.
But that’s not all. Besides the unique microfilter, the bottle “PiMag” is integrated magnetic special technology called “Nikken PiMag Water Technology”, which reduces the precipitate, add natural minerals and adjusts the pH value of the acidity.
Sports bottle is made of completely bio degradable plastic that contains no harmful compounds and disintegrates only after 6 months of natural nutrients in the soil.Bottle with filter “PiMag” consists of five main parts:

  • Bio bottle
  • Magnets in the middle of the cylinder
  • Removable filter life of about 152 l
  • Cap screw rotation
  • Drinking straw

The shape of the bottle is suitable for active activities like sports, cycling, hiking and even urban life. It is very comfortable to hold, as it has rubber ring against slipping and cap with a drinking straw, which prevents spillage of water when using during dynamic activity. The filter can be changed, which will further extend the life of the bottle.

Use and Care for Sports Bottle “PiMag”
  • Wash before initial use
  • Do not use soap
  • Do not use hot water
  • Do not place the bottle in the freezer
  • Do not place the bottle in a microwave oven
  • The bottle is designed exclusively for water. Do not fill with salt water and other liquids
  • Do not leave water in the bottle for more than 24 hours

Warning: If you use electronic devices such as pacemakers or implants have sensitive to magnetic fields, do not use magnetic products. If you are in the first months of pregnancy or have health problems, consult your doctor.

Feel the Difference with Technology
Near a small town in Japan, there is a place with unusual topographical features. The surrounding hills contain magnetite and calcium and small stream flows through minerals called silicates that form a natural crystal. The water in this stream is a real discovery for scientists “Nikken”. Samples of her astonishing results on the surrounding plants. It is this substance, called Japan’s “Pi”.
Once rediscovered, natural miracle must be created in the laboratory. For this purpose, a filter system that reduces the contaminants in the same manner as it does the nature without adding chlorine and chemicals into the water. Then add the same minerals found in the region where the water is detected “Pi”. The process is completed by the magnetic technology that reduces the mineral buildup.
And all this with the exclusive “PiMag” technology to achieve an intelligent alternative to expensive devices for water softening and a better lifestyle.