Software Allows Android Apps to Run on Other Platforms

A software developed by the (hitherto unknown) Myriad promises to make devices with MeeGo or Symbian are able to run applications developed for Android.

Given the pompous name of Alien Dalvik, the software must be presented at the next edition of the Mobile World Congress. Information from your manufacturer realize that it is a kind of virtual machine capable of emulating an Android environment on other platforms, allowing the programs developed for the operating system of the little robot to run natively on the other device, “without any modification “.

For now the program is being tested on a Nokia N900, which runs Maemo, but versions for other programs should be announced “soon”.

If the promises of the company are realized, will allow users of a platform have greater choice in application purchase. Unless, of course, users of Apple, as this will almost certainly be blocked tool on devices with iOS.

Those interested can see the Alien Dalvik in action: