Smartphone or Tablet, Which for me?

Last year we saw smartphones, or smartphones, and tablets grew in number, variety and quality. Varied devices seeking to cover all needs and uses. Sometimes you look on trends or technical specifications itself, but we have ever thought what isbest for us. Is a Smartphone or a Tablet?

Both are different devices that share some features but at the same time use the truth is very different. If you’re wondering whether to upgrade your phone or on a tablet buy in Technology from you to you we want to lend a hand and help you choose what you specific needs. To this end, we propose six assumptions from that we hope will be helpful to find out.

If we want to make calls and videoconferencing suits us…

We started by one of the most basic applications: call. In this case the answer is simple: we should be a Smartphone. With the tablets can not be called unless some models, so in principle, if we want a device for this purpose, the decision is easy. In addition, a tablet size is not the most comfortable to hold while we lift device to your ear when talking.

If we want to do video conferencing, either quite they fulfill their duties. That ‘sright: assure that has front camera because not everyone has it. Today most smartphones and tablets have video conferencing applications such as Skype. The quality of the front camera is correct and fulfill their purpose.

If we want to connect to the internet it suits us…

A priori either. Both are characterized by connecting to the network of networks and offer contents of all kinds. However, we must make a small appreciation: not all devices have the same connectivity options. Generally all smartphones have connected to the mobile data network operator (3G), which allows us to connect there where we go depending only on the coverage of the company.

On the other hand we have the tablets, most models on the market do not have 3G, but WiFi. If we want to have Internet always at hand, we must find specific models that have this type of connection, usually a little more expensive or buy a smartphone.

If we want to play it suits us…

Gradually smartphones and tablets have become gaming devices in power have nothing to envy of consoles. Both offer us a good catalog of games, which depends on the operating system, but the gaming experience is not always the same. Not the same three – inch screen a ten.

If we seek a simple platform and size we do not care, smartphone (medium or high range) is our perfect ally in his free time. If we want a more complete experience and enjoy the most, go to for a tablet, which, thanks its larger screen, have a more comfortable controls and, in general, increased technical quality compared to a mobile phone. Furthermore, autonomy is higher so we need not worry so the battery life.

If we want to read, listen to music and watch videos it suits us…

Enjoy multimedia content has become a very commonly used in these devices. A priori both devices fulfill this function well, but if we are to read or watch videos on a regular basis, we should be more like a tablet. With these devices we can enjoy a higher resolution, aspect that reading is much appreciated, not to mention the size of the screen.

If you ‘re going to listen to music, either we better. However, it is much more comfortable carry a smartphone a tablet. Please note once again the battery issue. Videos on reduce the duration of our device so if you are going to use for this purpose a long time, maybe a tablet than a smartphone.

If we want to create content we should…

So far we have talked about consuming content but what about creation? If we are interested in photography and retouching it, we should be more like a smartphone. Usually they have higher quality cameras and editing applications are the same as there is for tablets. We talked, yes, fast processes, nothing complex and laborious in Photoshop plan.

If instead we aim to create music, riding videos or text documents, the best option is a tablet. In favor: more versatile applications , a larger screen for easy use… is not the same be writing a doc on a mobile than a tablet where your hands have more freedom.

If we want professional solutions it suits us…

We just got our list to discuss tools for professionals. Smartphones and tablets are not just for leisure, there are applications that allow us to take office on all sides and work anywhere. If we only answer emails, either worth us.

If we look more complex solutions such as VPN, Juniper will recommend the best tablets. For its size, its use is much simpler and remote access tools like Team Viewer is something that is appreciated. Yes Remember that if you are going to buy a tablet for use in a professional, you may agree to a model with 3G connection, so that could happen.