Slingshot is More a Competitor to Facebook Snapchat

If we can not beat them, we buy them. The Facebook even tried to do this with Snapchat, offering an amount of no less than $ 3 billion, but the offer was refused. So the solution was to develop more of a competitor to the ephemeral messaging app: after killing the failed Poke Facebook, the social network will launch the Slingshot. The app was accidentally released in the App Store, but has left the air.

Slingshot name was already known, but now we know how the app works. Just like Snapchat, it will serve to share photos and videos that are displayed for a while and then disappear, but there is a small difference: before your friends can see your message, they need to share another in exchange to unlock it.

You do not need to send a reply immediately to unlock a photo or video. You can do this when you want, and unlocked content is displayed in full screen indefinitely in Slingshot. By making the gesture to move to the next message, the previous will be gone and will never be displayed to you again.

Of course, you can make colorful drawings by hand and annotate text before sharing content, and a button will allow you to react to messages from friends at the touch of a button.

The Slingshot was accidentally released in the App Store in some countries (which does not include Brazil) and taken down a few minutes later. Nothing leaked on Google Play, so do not know if it will also be available on Android – Facebook Paper, for example, is unique to the iPhone and should not come so soon to other devices. Officially, Facebook only confirms that Slingshot is real and will be released soon. Now you?