Sleeping Bags or Linens?

The cold arrives and our baby bedtime should be fully protected. Many babies tend to sleep almost without uncover you and not move for many hours, but often not normal, because a large majority change of position, they move, they uncover… by what parents don’t know only too well whether purchasing a sleeping bag or traditionally make the cradle with bedding. All of this will depend on the baby and also the season of the year in which we find ourselves. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of both options.

For winter, wedge SAC ensures that the child is protected from the cold. Especially when it is very baby and don’t usually move too, goes well both the bag and bedding.

However, in such circumstances, not it is worth all bed linen, we can put a sheet under the crib or cot, but we will have to prevent the cushions and blankets not breathable materials. It is best to not claim to cover the baby’s head, because thanks to it regulates the temperature. Another option is not to put Savannah, since with down comforters the child will already be hot enough.

As it grows, the baby usually move. It is very quiet, lots of bedding that incorporate parents, (sabana from underneath, above, cushions, Nordic and blankets) tends to be in vain, since is will you uncover small and clothes will be wrinkled into a point or over the baby’s body.

Therefore, that sleeping bags tend to be best for the stage where the baby is more active. The SAC serves to ensure an optimum body temperature during the night and avoids that you can uncover. It is more practical, comfortable washing and avoids that small could manage to suffocate with so many clothes on the bed.

Another third option is to buy a somewhat thicker Pajamas, as the so-called blanket pajamas, so the baby will move at your own pace and parents will be reassured knowing that you are fully protected against the cold.