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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock-the App that Never Sleeps

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock-the App that Never Sleeps
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“Time to get up!”, My iPhone says (TGIF *)
For the first time I learned about the so-called” Sleep Cycle alarm clock ” app at the meeting of the Düsseldorf Marketing Club on 14.01.2010. Not that the yawning event was boring, much more I watched after a few people compiled and talked about “deep sleep” and “dreaming”. “Do not you know?” I asked. No, I did not know her and read it to me. And so it works: Before we close our eyes, the app has to be switched on and the display has to be placed on the mattress. And that was it. *Thank God It’s Friday
Yes. The app measures namely while we sleep the movement of the mattress and recognizes in which sleep phase we are.

But here is the special thing: The app takes two nights until it has stopped. You specify when you want to be woken up and from the second night, the iPhone automatically detects when it would be best for you to get up and choose a time between your set wake-up time and 30 minutes before. It is seen in which sleeping phase you are located and then decided to wake you up.

Aha. Hmmm. Oh well. Is clear.

I was convinced two days later this article and I found myself in the app store again, clicked on “buy”, because 79 cents is the thing to me more than value.

If you are afraid to increase the degree of distraction, simply activate the flight mode. And see what happened then. When I phoned the next morning with a friend, I could not leave: “Do you know this app, which measures how you sleep? Wait, I’ll send you the picture of last night by mail. ”

But I’m probably not the only enthusiast, the app is now ranked 1 in the App Store. In this sense, good night.

PS: I received a message a day later, in which my friend confessed to use the app now also.

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