Simple Ideas to Decorate Birthday Party

There is nothing better than celebrating with friends and family, isn’t it? Festive season has the power to lighten the all. Both birthday, as marriage and other commemorative dates, are reasons to toast the life and a good excuse to gather all friends and family in one place. Is there anything better? I don’t think so, huh. However, a nice celebratory depends exclusively on a good party decoration.

Do you have questions about how to decorate and what topic to choose? In this post you will find a lot of cool thing about this subject. Small details make the difference in decoration as: different balloons, sweets decorated, personalized invitations. Have questions and don’t know where to start? Below you can see an idea of theme party and then gives tips for decorating children’s Party.

After all, what topic to choose?

Here you can see party decorating tips, ideas, invitations, etc. I hope all these tips help to inspire. Check below:

Theme party of 1960s

Your birthday is near and you want to do something different but still doesn’t know for sure what? Theme parties are fun and perfect to gather family and friends. Is there anything more fun than theme party 60 years? In my opinion. References to years 60 throughout the party decor. You can ask for the guests go dressed the part, or not, you choose.

1-Use vinyl records in decorating

There is nothing more retro than vinyl records to decorate. Use towels too retro to decorate the candy table and the tables of the guest.

2 Invite 60 Years

The invitation can both be done manually or can be purchased. Invitation black with white polka dots are used to represent the 1960s.

3-Sweethearts 60 Years

Decorate the skittles according to the theme, too. You can decorate the pastries and cake with musical notes. You can also decorate with mini vinyl records. It is a charm. The good theme party 60 years is that the party can be both for adults and for children. And there like it? If you haven’t made up your mind below has more options.

2-Children’s Party-Important Items to Decorate

No matter the theme, children’s Party needs to be well decorated and with cheerful colors, vibrant and colorful. Below you can see some decorating tips that works with any theme.

Decoration with Balloons

Use your creativity and innovate even in balloons. The balloons can be decorated in many different ways. Which one do you prefer? Check below some tips and ideas for decoration.

1-Pet Balloons

Simple colored leaves help in time of creating these bugs. Cute, huh?

2-Ice Cream Balloons

No more using the classic normal balloons at parties. How about innovating with balloons.

3-A Balloon Inside One Another

It is wonderful. Innovative and beautiful for decorating.

Like the idea? Below you can see how you can put a balloon inside the other. Check out.

Different Candies for Decorating

1-Cake Pops

What is it? those honeys that are on top of a toothpick. In addition to delicious they are beautiful to decorate any children’s Party. Great choice to decorate the table.


What would a children’s party without cupcake? Impossible to imagine, huh? Delicious and perfect for decorating the table.