Shredded Jeans-Like Tear and Fraying Trousers and Short Jeans

For some time the shredded jeans has been doing successful young fashion. Are jeans shredded, shredded jeans shorts, skirts, frayed anyway, beautiful pieces made in torn jeans and frayed in a beautiful and relaxed look of casual fashion.

Now more than ever, the sets of shredded jeans are super and high, with flowers and clothes stripped clean. Are usually worn wash, cut and frayed grossly rude, with pendants, all full of personality and style.

In the world of celebrities and famous, fashion jeans shredded it’s been successful and famous brands of clothes sell the piece ready with frayed. The novelty is that we’re going to give the tips of How to unravel the your jeans at home, reusing a jeans used to mount your look modern and current. You can also make a short jeans trousers shredded old or used which no longer uses, will reuse and customize your custom garment with your guy and way.

To match this style of jeans, just a cool t-shirt, a sneakers or why not, a shirt and some heels to shine once more chic. The jeans detonated is also used in dresses, skirts, overalls, waistcoats and jackets, all very punk.

You can even customize your shredded jeans with accessories to decorate, stones, use with other colored piece or plastered down to highlight in

Check out the tips and step by step how to shred and RIP jeans:

Shredded jeans and customized

  • wash your jeans in the washing machine and remove after centrifuge still wet;
  • with a small knife, tear where wants to unravel;
  • support short not to hurt yourself and pass several times in the RIP saw knife until white wires;
  • the same work can be done with a Sander suitable for jeans to make shredded effect;
  • RIP the piece jeans wherever and banging on the washing machine also helps unravel;
  • clothes with shredded on the can be done with tweezers;
  • If you want a faded effect largest, wash the piece with a bit of bleach.

Gradually the piece becomes more frayed and more stripped.

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