Shows Brides 2016 Presents Trends And News For Who’s Getting Married

Is married and don’t know where to start to get organized? From 14 to 17 April (Thursday to Sunday), the Bridal Show features the best trends and news for who’s going to change alliances.

Designers like Eduarda Galvani and Mauricio Patnala parade their proposals in a dress for the big day, while names like the photographer Jorge Scherer and the event planner Roberta Jalfim share experiences and take questions from those who want to ensure a perfect celebration.

The tickets, which cost $20, are on sale in the Centre of BarraShoppingSul events, where the bride and groom meeting will be held. Visit the site to check out do your pre-registration.

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The Spy Program Highlights:

Thursday (14/04): the ceremonial Renata Hoff presents at 3:00 pm, lecture “classic X Trendy – As is the planning of each marriage.” In “Dresses that inspire”, Rio Grande do Sul society names tell the story of your wedding dresses signed by renowned designers. The lecture takes place at 7:30 pm, with the presence of Claudia Bartelle, Claudia Ioschpe, Indrya Chen, Kojo Maia and Xuxa Pires. The fashion show of the night is the Atelier Ammor.

Friday (15/04): In the lecture “step by step Wedding – Transforming the dream into reality”, the event planner Roberta Jalfim help brides understand the processes of organization of a wedding party. Also on Friday, a chat about prenuptial beauty procedures promises to let the brides in shape with Bruna experts Machado – dentist surgeon, Vanessa Milk-nutritionist and Dr. Kaka Minuzzi – plastic surgeon at 6:30 pm, the Mega showcase Stage.

Saturday (16/04): The day of parades. On Saturday, the 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm, pass through the walkway to the Mega Stage the parades of Karen Raissa, Dapieve, Mauricio Patnala and Eduarda Galvani.

Sunday (17/04): The last day of Shows Brides has the presence of one of the most important ambientadoras of Brazil, the scenic Designer, paulista Chris Ayrosa who will speak about the styles of decor at weddings, at 4:30 pm In addition, we have the trendy photographer Everton Rosa, which presents a talk on how to do well in the photo on the most important day of your life “at 6:30 pm